ENG 434: English Writing for English Teachers

Kent Lee

Center for Teaching & Learning
Korea University


ENGL 434 Introduction

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Tue./Thu. 5-6:15pm (3 hours/week)
Locaton: 서관 #314A (tentatively)
Course syllabus (required reading)

Readings and materials

Handouts and materials will be provided on this website, or by email. There is no textbook for this course, but there is a free course packet below (this may be revised and reposted from time to time), plus more handouts below.


Important announcements will appear here. Unimportant announcements may also appear here.

  1. My office hourse are Tuesday & Thursday, 3-4pm. My office is 국제관 720.
  2. Hard copy drafts of the CV, résumé, cover letter, and/or SOP are due 25 Sept.
  3. Grading may be delayed due to the arrival of our new baby, Eugene Francis Lee.
  4. No class on 20 Nov. due to the 논술 exam taking place. A make-up assignment will be given, involving group work; you will meet in groups on your own to do it, and your group will hand in a short write-up on 25 Nov.

Weekly materials & assignments

Week 1: Writing process

Google Form #1 (due date: 08 Sept.)

Fill out this form of basic information about yourself, and submit it. This counts as a minor grade. (The form works, though it won't send you a confirmation.)

Google Form #2 (due date: 15 Sept.)

Fill out this form to assess your writing strategies. Your results will be tallied and emailed back to you afterwards.

Major homework #1: Writing process homework (due date: ? Sept.)

For this paper, you are to introspect on your your own writing process. Describe your writing process from start to finish, including the following (refer to the relevant sections in the course packet):

Reflect on your writing process, and write a paper describing your writing process(es), including difficulties that you have, how you overcome them, why you think you have these problems, etc. This is about what you actually do, not what you think you should do, and reflecting on your process. The focus of this assignment is mainly the contents, so don't worry too much about minor grammatical or mechanical errors (spelling, punctuation, etc.).

Your write-up should be at least 2-3 pages (1.5 or double spaced; you can print double-sided pages to save trees), due on 15 September via email (any file format is fine).

Weeks 2-3: Professional writing unit

  1. AEWM ch. 13
  2. CV guide and CV sample
  3. Résumé guide and Résumé sample
  4. General guides for CVs and résumés (Purdue OWL website)
  5. Simple checklist for a proper résumés
  6. Rubric / criteria for proper résumés, CV, cover letter, SOP
  7. SOP guide and sample
  8. Cover letters for academic job applications
  9. Academic cover letter (for professorship)
  10. Academic cover letter (language teaching job)
  11. Application letter (non-tenure track)

Professional writing assignments

You are to turn in the following for this assignment; these will count as two HW grades. The grading criteria include: [1] neat, readable and attractive appearance for CVs and résumés; [2] good contents; [3] and convincing cover letters or SOPs.

  1. Job application option: Turn in a résumé and a cover letter (for applying for a non-academic position)
  2. Academic job option: Turn in a CV and a cover letter (for teaching, research, or academic jobs)
  3. Academic application option: Turn in a CV and an SOP (for applying to a Ph.D. program, especially for moving from a master's degree to a Ph.D. elsewhere)

Drafts are due on 25 Sept.; the due date for the final versions will depend on how soon I can grade and return the drafts.

Extra handouts: Interviews

  1. Typical job interview questions
  2. Interview questions for teaching or academic jobs
  3. Job interview mistakes to avoid

Weeks 5-8 Genre analysis

Read AEWM ch. 3-4

Google Form #3: About your academic field

Fill out this form about your field of study. (due 29 Sept.)

Google Form #4: About writing in your academic field

Fill out this form about writing in your field. (due 04 Oct.)

Google Form #5: Outline of GA essay

Fill out this Google Form assignment. This is designed to help you structure your essay assignment (due 25 Oct., midnight). This may be the last Google Form assignment.

Essay assignment: Genre analysis - How to write academic papers in your field

You are to write an essay on how to write academic papers in your field. This may include important questions such as:

Length: 4 pages minimum, double-spaced (not counting references, graphs, tables, etc.)
Draft due date: 30 Oct. (at least 3 full pages)
Final version due date: 22 Nov.
Grading criteria: See the page for grading criteria

Weeks 7-10: Support & argumentation; style and rhetoric

Read the section in the course packet on introductions, logical fallacies, and topical structure analysis.

Weeks 10-14: Source use; discourse & style issues

Read the relevant course packet sections on source use, citation systems, coherence / transitionals, cohesion, and word choice.

Pedagogical aspects

Final paper

Final paper proposal: Submit a one-paragraph description of your final paper. This will be a paper from another course that you are using in this class. Proposal due: ..........

Bring a print-out of your draft to class on 11 Dec. for peer editing, then email your draft by midnight, 21 Dec., to both email accounts (or put in my mailbox by 19 Dec.); please send it to both my email accounts. Be sure to include a title page or cover page in English style, e.g., like this sample.