ENG 399: Cognitive Foundations of Grammar

Kent Lee
Center for Teaching & Learning
Korea University



Grading criteria

These are some of the rubrics on which you will be graded (these might be modified slightly). First, here is a list of symbols I use in marking your papers: Editing symbols guide (my own system, which I use in grading your hard copy assignments).

Grades for Google Form assignments & other minor assignments

Short write-ups such as webform-based write-ups and end-of-class response papers will be graded along the following 10-piont scale. The grading is based mainly on effort, especially for open-ended questions. A full 10 points is awarded only for an entire assignment that shows very good effort.

points criteria criteria
2 Minimal effort The student does not try to answer, indicates that s/he does not know, or offers minimal or no response.

4 Low effort; and/or incorrect answer The student tries to answer but shows no evidence of making effort; may show serious misconceptions; does not use any information from readings or lectures (or from previous courses, knowledge, or experience) to formulate the response.

6 Low-medium effort; incomplete; partially correct or partially attempted answer, but still incomplete The student shows some effort or knowledge and uses some correct terminology, but does not provide a complete explanation. The student does not use appropriate information from the readings or lectures (or prior knowledge). Little evidence of original thought or analysis.

8 Moderate effort; nearly correct or convincing; The student answers the question with few errors and with some explanation. The student attempts to incorporate information from the lectures, readings, or background knowledge. The answers show some attempt at original thought or analysis.

9 Stronger effort; nearly correct or convincing; The student answers the question with few mistakes and with a complete explanation. The student incorporates information from the lectures and readings, and shows some original thought or analysis.

10 Very high effort; convincing, very informative, or correct responses; Student provides a very detailed explanation, with information from his/her background knowledge, other information, or other materials (e.g., information from outside sources), and/or shows great creativity, original thought, or critical thinking skills.

Major assignment grades

For some major homework assignments I may give letter grades, though I usually give numerical grades, on a 100 point scale. Grades at or near 100 are rare, and are mainly reserved for superintelligent life forms.

Midterm project

Final project

In grading your final papers, I will look at the following kinds of criteria.


Class participation will be assessed as follows:
criterion poor (D or C grade) excellent (A+)
Attendance Skipping class; often late; lacking or not providing a valid reason for absence or lateness; seemingly contrived or artificial excuses for absences or tardiness; overburdens prof. with questions about missed work or contents; fails to make up work in time Always in class and on time; contacts prof. about legitimate reasons for repeated lateness or absence; finds out from fellow students about missed work and contents, contacting prof. when necessary; takes care of missed work responsibly

Attentiveness Does not seem to pay attention to lectures; seems to be using devices or materials for non-class-related purposes; falls asleep in class; ...

Usually focused on the lecture, discussion and class activities; well prepared
Active participation Not participating in group & class discussions or class activities; not answering questions or raising relevant questions in class; never talks to prof. after / outside of class about difficulties; or may try to dominate discussions unfairly, not allowing others a chance to participate

Regularly participates in class discussion and activities; asks and/or responds to questions in class; sees prof. about questions or difficulties after class; does not try to dominate discussions
Quality of contributions to class & group discussions Likes to say things that are not relevant, tangential, or self-focused; no intelligent or insightful contributions; says little beyond what is obvious; shows little sign of critical thinking Has intelligent, specific, insightful, focused comments or questions; comments or questions demonstrate critical thinking skills and creativity