ENG 434: English Writing for English Teachers

Kent Lee

Center for Teaching & Learning
Korea University


How to find me

Course: ENGL 434
Tue./Thu. 5-6:15pm (3 hours/week)
Class locaton: 서관 #314A (tentatively)


국제관 7xx (International Studies Hall 7xx)

Office hours:

How to find me

Via email:

(add "+e" for emailing assignments)

Email is the best way to reach me; please one of these email addresses if you need to contact me. If you use your KU email, then use my KU email; if you use a non-Korean email address, them Gmail is best. To send assignments, it is best to send them to both my Gmail (with "+e") and my KU email.

I also have an office hour at my office in the Center for Teaching & Learning, 121 Central Plaza (knock on the door if it is locked - during lunch it may be locked for security reasons). This semester it is best to let me know when you want to see me during my office hour (as I sometimes have schedule conficts), or make an appointment for another time. I'm available after class, or in my office hour on Tue/Wed/Thu at 5:30, but it is better if you let me know you want to see me during my office hour. Sometimes I can't be there due to various CTL related appointments. Please check my calendar first. The entries may be indecipherable, but they indicate that I have a workshop or appointment at such times.