FLS 004: Academic English (Fall)

Kent Lee

Korea University


Schematic of the English grammatical system


Course syllabus


Important announcements will appear here. Unimportant announcements may also appear here.

  1. My office hourse are Tuesday & Thursday, 3-4pm. My office is 국제관 720.
  2. A new Google Form assignment has been posted for 28 Sept. - see below.
  3. Grading may be delayed due to the arrival of our new baby, Eugene Francis Lee.

Readings and materials

Handouts, assignments, and materials will be provided on this website, or by email. There is no textbook for this course.

Week 1: Course intro

Google Form #1 (due date: 06 Sept.) Fill out this form of basic information about yourself, and submit it. This counts as a minor grade. (The form works, though it won't send you a confirmation.)

In-class work: Syllabus quiz, Language learning strategies, Talking about careers

Week 2: Careers

In-class work: Science news: Tearahertz detectors

Homework #1: Your career (due date: 13 Sept.). What are the most important factors for you in deciding on your future job or career? Is it money, satisfaction, an easy-to-find job, something fun/interesting, or other factors? What are your dream job[s], and other options (second choice or backup options)? This should be at least one full page (400-500 words). Due date: midnight, 14 Sept.

Week 3-4: The nature of science

Google Form #2 (due 28 Sept., midnight) Fill out this form - these are a few open-ended questions on how you would explain your field to non-engineers, such as friends, family members, and significant others (boyfriend/girlfirend/partner).

How to find me

Via email:

Email is the best way to reach me. I also have an office hour at my office in 국제관 720.