ENG 413: Theories and strategies in English learning / teaching

Kent Lee

Center for Teaching & Learning
Korea University


Schematic of the English grammatical system

ENGL 413 Introduction

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Tue./Thu. 5-6:15pm (3 hours/week)
Locaton: 서관 224A (tentatively)
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Course description

This introduces basic approaches to language pedagogy, including its basis in language learning, linguistics, and educational psychology. You will also work on applying these methods and strategies to your potential future teaching context. The main topics include:

Readings and materials

Handouts and materials will be provided on this website, or by email. There is no textbook for this course. See the Materials section (left navigation bar) for class handouts and other handouts; see the Assignments section for your assignments and related handouts.

How to find me

Via email:

Email is the best way to reach me. I also have an office hour at my office in the Center for Teaching & Learning, 121 Central Plaza (knock on the door if it is locked - during lunch it may be locked for security reasons).